If I had to describe the state of the label at this moment, I’d simply say that I’m making progress.  I have spurts of awesomeness; I plateau for a bit and things pick up again.  It’s like a pulse.  No two days are the same.  It can be a source of agony but it’s also a sign that things are moving in the right direction.

I’ve been heading to the markets twice a month to help spread the word about the label and promote my latest collection.  Whenever I post on social media, I’m not sure where it all goes.  But at the markets, multiple people approached me.


“We read the blogs.”
“We saw your posts on Instagram.”
“We wanted to check you out.”


I didn’t think anyone was reading them.  However, there were complete strangers out there who saw the work and came to check out my product.

Though, potential customers weren’t the only ones who found out about me.  After keeping my business a secret from my dad for so long, he finally found out for himself what I was doing.

There was an article about me and the label in the newspaper.  I always read the paper and then leave it on my dad’s desk when I’m finished.  I thought it’d test him and leave this particular paper there, with the story of the label.  I went out for my afternoon jog and came back.


“Did your friends call you up to congratulate you on your write-up in the paper?” he asked me.


Then he just walked away.  It was odd.  It was weird.  He couldn’t give me the recognition for what I’d achieved. I knew I wouldn't get a normal reaction, but still, he finally knew what I was working on.  Things have been better between us since the article.  There’s a change in his heart.  Before, I wasn’t discussing anything about the my business.  I kept him in the dark.  Now, he’s realized that I’m serious about what I want and that things are moving along.  He finally sees it. It’s good to have that from my dad but I don’t want that to be my weakness—having my dad’s approval.  I don’t want to think like that.

At the moment, I’m working closely with my team who are helping me with the direction on the label.  It takes a lot of planning and patience but I honestly love every minute of it.  Additionally, I’m also focused on breaking into the international market as well. I’m pushing forward with overseas exposure.

Overall, it definitely feels like I’ve got my head in the right place.  Last year, I was very tense.  I felt I had a lot to prove, and I was very anxious.  A part of me was bitter in some instances.  If I look back through some of my posts, I felt like I had a lot to get off my chest.  But now, I feel changed.  I got my license back.  I’m starting to move forward with the label.  I’m starting to feel like the me I wanted to be.  My head is in the right space, and I’m moving in the right direction.  Things that happened last year prepared me for this year.  In a sense, there will always be building blocks.

Right now, I’m doing a lot of work behind the scenes. I live a very active lifestyle and it's very rare you'll catch me standing still.  Lately I've been less active on social media and more present in my actual life. I believe in balance. We all need to get off the grid from time to time to enjoy the simple things in life. As a result, I've been more happy and grateful for everything that has been happening in life. And to the amazing people that I've met along this incredible journey (you know who you all are), my life has became better because you.

I was clearing my office the other day and I came across my old diary where I found a little note on the first page that I wrote to myself last year.


"Note to self, please stay out of trouble and keep positive, for it is those who overcome adversity that are rewarded life's gift."

It's a kindly reminder that sometimes all we need is a little encouragement from ourselves.  Life is about choices, sometimes we make good ones, sometimes we fall short, but its our attitude that predicts where we land.

"Fashion Imitates Life" - Nikke Horrigan






Nikke Horrigan