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Where to start, where to end?

Nikke Horrigan’s namesake fashion line was created to break away from tradition and inspire. That vision began with a simple dream. Born in Ipswich, a small working class town outside of Brisbane, Australia, I was first exposed to fashion during shopping trips with my mother into the city. 

Combined influence from my mother and father, I quickly developed a love for fashion. I recognized that fashion wasn’t just clothes, it was an extension of one’s self.

After graduating from school, I sidelined my creative ambitions and worked odd-jobs while my friends chose more traditional line of work. Among others, I spent time in the navy and underground coal mining. But my heart couldn't take it anymore, my journey and destination lied elsewhere.

I decided to push forward with my fashion dreams and Nikke Horrigan, the label, was born.

“Fashion imitates life.”

–Nikke Horrigan