Where to start, where to end?

Nikke Horrigan’s namesake fashion line was created to break away from tradition and inspire. That vision began with a simple dream. Born in Ipswich, a small town outside of Brisbane, Australia, our founder was first exposed to fashion during shopping trips with his mother into the city. Combined with the influence of high end and street culture, he quickly developed a love, respect, and appreciation for fashion. He recognized that fashion wasn’t just something to wear, it was an extension of one’s self.

After graduating from school, Horrigan sidelined his creative ambitions for a more traditional line of work. Among others, he spent time in the navy and in underground coal mining. But he soon realized that these jobs were just a part of his journey and that his destination lied elsewhere. After leaving his job, he decided to push forward with his fashion dreams and Nikke Horrigan, the label, was born.

Nikke Horrigan serves as a place for street luxury. Made with premium fabrics and craftsmanship, the pieces work seamlessly into your wardrobe making them timeless. Nikke Horrigan has its sights set on becoming a lifestyle brand. Undoubtedly, his inspiration of lifestyle resides from his love for culture.

Though, as our assortment grows, our mission remains clear: To provide effortless style.

“Fashion imitates life.” –Nikke Horrigan